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Water Resources Management

The project will invest in water resources management activities, such as, construction of new and/ or rehabilitation of existing small dams/ reservoirs; rehabilitation, replacement and/or decommissioning of deep boreholes; rehabilitation and construction of associated hydraulic infrastructure (including, borehole heads, pumps and meters); and development and/or improvements of irrigation and drainage networks to make water safe and clean water available for irrigation and domestic purposes. Water is a limiting factor to agricultural productivity and food security because the rainy season lasts 3 to 4 months only in most parts of the north. Irrigation will enable farmers to cultivate their lands all year round which will make them nutritionally and economically resilient to climate change. While making water available, this project will also ensure this is done in a safe manner. Therefore, flood and sedimentation control structures such as check dams, levees, retaining walls, embankments, culverts, bridges, concrete channels, grouted riprap, and stream bed rehabilitation, among others would be provided to prevent and mitigate the impacts of floods. The project will also support sensitization, mobilization and organization of communities to manage erosion, control flooding and prevent disasters. These activities will ultimately build resilience of systems and people to climate change.