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Community Revolving Fund (CRF)

Community revolving funds (CRFs) present higher potential for sustainability and scaling-up. CRF implemented in World Bank-supported projects at scale, especially in East Africa, to support investments by community-based groups, including farmer groups in micro watersheds. The CRF would be a community level fund to support ACReSAL-supported and registered community/farmer groups to undertake investments for climate-smart rainfed crops interventions.  

The registered community/farmer groups will prepare investment/business plans and apply for loans from the CRF. The investment/business plans will be appraised and approved by the local government. The CRF would support ACReSAL registered community/farmer groups in approximately 2800 communities in target watersheds. 

To ensure that the CRF is impactful and meets the needs of women, implementation components of the CRF may be piloted under an impact evaluation before potential scale-up within the project. 

ACReSAL will kick-start the implementation of CRF in 5-10 pilot states and it will be gradually scaled-up to other states.