FCTA Committed to Environmental Sustainability Through ACReSAL Project

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Dr. Mariya Mahmoud, the Minister of State for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), has reaffirmed the FCT Administration’s dedication to the successful implementation of the Agro-climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACReSAL) project in the nation’s capital.
Mahmoud stated this during a courtesy visit by Dr. Joy Iganya Agene, the Task Team Leader for the ACReSAL Project and Senior Environmental Specilaist-World Bank Nigeria Office. She emphasized the significance of ACReSAL in addressing environmental challenges arising from rapid urbanization and population growth.
“The ACReSAL project holds special significance for us as it aligns with our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability amidst extensive developmental activities,” stated Mahmoud.
“It reflects the enduring partnership between the World Bank and the FCT Administration in fostering agricultural prosperity and environmental resilience.”
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Dr. Mahmoud praised the progress made through the ACReSAL project, which extends its support to 19 Northern states, including the FCT. She highlighted the alarming loss of tree cover and land degradation experienced by Nigeria’s capital city over the years, underscoring the critical role of the World Bank in addressing such challenges.
Dr. Joy Iganya Agene, the Task Team Leader of the ACReSAL project, disclosed that the World Bank has disbursed approximately $2 million to the FCT, emphasizing the Administration’s swift actions in utilizing the funds for preparatory studies and investments.
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“We are impressed by the proactive approach of the FCT Administration in swiftly utilizing the disbursed funds for preparatory studies and investments,” remarked Dr. Agene.
“The collaboration between the FCT Administration and the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) has been instrumental in driving progress.”
Dr. Agene also outlined the expectations for accessing additional funding amounting to approximately $10 million, stressing the need for continued collaboration and support from the FCT Administration.
Hon. Lawan Kolo Geidam, Mandate Secretary of the Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat, emphasized the importance of institutional collaboration and community involvement in ensuring the success of the ACReSAL project.
“We have diligently established frameworks to ensure the success of the project, engaging with all six Area Councils in the FCT and establishing local committees to drive community participation,” stated Hon. Geidam.
The visit by the World Bank delegation provided an opportunity to showcase the advancements made in the project and explore strategies for scaling up initiatives towards a sustainable future for the FCT populace.
Mr. Abdulhamid Umar, National Project Coordinator of the ACReSAL Project, commended the FCT for its exemplary progress as one of the leading states in the project.
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